Demotivate Yourself Now – Part 3

Stop Setting Goals

no-goalsThis video by well-known success guru, Robert Scheinfeld pretty much lets you off the hook, doesn’t it? I mean, if an expert like Bob tells us goal setting doesn’t work, what more proof do we need.

So grab the chips and a brewsky, go back to the couch and settle in for another mind-numbing experience of endless ‘reality’ shows.  Heck, if it’s really your ‘goal’ to demotivate yourself, it doesn’t get much better than that, does it?  (But I thought you weren’t into goal setting)

That’s right, don’t even bother setting goals.  In fact, don’t bother working towards anything meaningful.  For example, if your smart aleck brother-in-law offers you an opportunity to join his fast growing company, should you take it?  WHAT?… and miss Jon and Kate Plus 8?

Oh, you can accept the generous dollar-an-hour raise at that job you hate.  It would take a goal and a plan to actually leave all that ‘security’ for goodness sake!   You’re not planning on exerting yourself much more than a dollar’s worth anyway, are you?

What If You Don’t Stop Setting Goals?

For sure, don’t do anything that might expand the already infinite possibilities that are available to you.  Avoid at all costs things such as:

  • Taking courses
  • Starting a new hobby or business
  • Going to the gym to get back into shape
  • Joining a community group or civic organization to contribute to society.  (blasphemous!)

Nope, stay right where you are on the big old comfy couch.  Mind your own business.  You don’t bother them, they don’t bother you, right?

People who deviate from this concept have been know to become excited, hopeful, and enthusiastic about their lives.  How dangerous is that?  That’s certainly NOT the way to demotivate yourself.

So stop setting goals right now before the demotivation cops have to hunt you down  and put a big hurt on you.  This is for your own good.  Stop it!

Let’s see what we’ve got so far over the past three days:

#5 – Hang Out With Low Achievers
#4 – Cutting Down Achievers Makes You Appear Bigger
#3 – Stop Setting Goals

Our demotivate yourself countdown continues tomorrow with #2 – Always look for…

Hey, you know the drill.

Go back and wait on the couch until tomorrow.

Note: Remember, this is a backwards, sarcastic way to look at motivation by taking the path of least resistance to demotivate yourself.  You may want to go back to the first article in this series to truly appreciate the ‘humor’ of seeing motivation this way.

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